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Daicel Corporation

  • Booth: 217

The Health Food Business Unit of Daicel Corporation utilizes indegenously developed "in-tank fermentation technology" for producing useful gut metabolites with the aid of bacteria that actually exist in the intestines. Two such metabolites that will be showcased in this event are S-Equol and Konjac Ceramide. 

Equol is a component of soy isoflavone, metabolized by the intestinal bacteria. It is similar to estrogen, a female hormone, and is an advantageous material for the prevention and improvement of menopausal symptoms. It is estimated that approximately 50% of the population of Japanese and only 20-30% of the population of westerners can produce Equol in their bodies due to the difference in the nature and composition of their intestinal microflora.

Konjac Ceramide is a component extracted from the konjac tuber. Oral intake of the ceramide  strengthens the barrier function of the entire body, and promotes the production of ceramide from inside the body, so that the effect on the skin surrounding the entire body can be accomplished.

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Certified Non-GMO
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Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
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United States
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Corporate Office Established - September 1919
 We entered the Health Food Business market in April 2015
 Daicel's Health Food Business Unit - Activated in April 2020