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Mibelle Biochemistry

  • Booth: 620

Mibelle Biochemistry offers functional ingredients for the food and nutraceutical supplement market. The Swiss based company with a local office in the US has over 30 years of expertise in transforming naturally derived compounds into active ingredients for the dietary and cosmetic market. Inspired by nature we focus on the research and manufacturing of innovative botanicals specially developed for the anti-aging, beauty-from-within, cognition boosting, hair growth, slimming and sports nutrition market.

SaraPEPP™ Nu is a unique and natural cognition and mental performance enhancer prepared from Timut Pepper suitable for soft gels and functional food & beverage applications. Efficacy have been clinically demonstrated in healthy humans after acute and chronic intake resulting in significant improvements of cognitive function, neural efficacy and reduced ratings of mental fatigue.

DracoBelle™ Nu is a unique, natural and water-soluble skin beauty booster with clinically demonstrated improvements of skin moisture, elasticity and density.

AnaGain™ Nu is an unique water-soluble extract prepared from organic pea shoots suitable for functional food and supplement applications. Clinical results show that AnaGain™ Nu reduced hair loss and improved visual hair density.

SantEnergy™ Nu is a polyphenol-rich, high-quality plant extract from Santa Herba. Our clinical results show a significant weight and body fat loss while nutrition and exercise habits remained the same as prior to the trial.

Brands: AnaGain™ Nu|DracoBelle™ Nu|PhytoCellTec™ Md Nu|SaraPEPP™ Nu | SantEnergy™ Nu