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  • Faifield,  NJ
  • United States

Company Description

NutriOriginal is a manufacturer and distributor of health ingredients for dietary supplements and functional foods.  Our portfolio of ingredients is made of botanicals, its concentrates and its particular nutrients. Plantations are located in India and Spain. We currently run our distribution operations from our premises in USA, Spain, Mexico and Brazil. The company has been established around the concept of agriculture sustainability and health science.  Traditional harvesting of botanicals can deliver many consistent health benefits for all of us as well as being the source of income for hundreds of families to live from Mother Earth. The founders and partners of the company are responsible for the preservation of over a 100 acres of land in several locations in the south of India. These plantations are assigned to local cooperative farmers who are trained on good agricultural practices to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants in a chemical free environment. This allows the botanicals to be certified organic by European and North American standards. The biomass is treated in simple water extractions, or ethanol-based solutions to produce valuable concentrates with high nutrient values. The result of the process is a free-flowing powder to be used in dietary supplements or functional foods around the world with an aim at Clean Label. We are proud members of Organic Trade Association, NPA,  APHA, ABC, CRN & NCN.

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  • We are glad to present Storg, a line of products from botanical scultivated across India and  processed by StarHi Herbs.

    The Storg brand consists of several botanicals that have been identified to contain a significant amount of vitamins and minerals. It all start with a precise selection of species, careful cultivation and traditional harvesting, without chemicals nor pesticides. Processing is done via water concentration and low temperature drying to reach enough concentration of nutrients as to consistently delivery your Daily Values within dietary supplement. 

    As a result, we can offer plant based vitamins and minerals in a free flowing form ready to formulate in dietary supplements and functional foods.

    Stop by our booth, we will be happy to share more detail with you.

  • (Apr 12, 2023)

    Circe & NutriOriginal are glad to introduce PteroVita to the dietary industry.   PteroVita is a significantly improved version of the blueberry stilbenoid called Pterostilbene.

    Pterostilbene has demonstrated the potential to improve human health when reaching the cells of specific tissues, but its efficacy is limited by its low bioavailability.  With a bioavailability of 99%, PteroVita significantly enhances the absorption and effectiveness of Pterostilbene in the body.

    PteroVita improves the properties of pterostilbene by enhancing its dissolution rate more than 35-fold, elevating its solubility in diverse media by 2 to 3 times, and increasing its in vivo bioavailability by a factor of ten.