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  • Beverly,  MA
  • United States

Company Description

Formulating with plant-based proteins? Talk to the experts at PROVA! We have the clean label masking flavors you need to create truly outstanding pea and hemp protein products. Our portfolio of outstanding natural ingredients, including organic certified extracts and organic compliant flavors, will clean up your label and deliver the great tastes consumers want.

Founded in 1946, PROVA’s story is first and foremost about a family business that, thanks to the passion and expertise of our members, continues to enhance our unique position as “extracting the essentials” in the food and beverage industry. Vanilla,?cocoa,?coffee,?and a broad palette of?gourmet notes?are the pillars of our product portfolio. We blended our technical expertise with the sensory world of flavors to create a unique portfolio of extracts and flavors. Create with us today!

Brands: Your natural choice for sweet brown extracts and flavors including: PROVANIL-US7X Natural Keto-Friendly Vanillin Alternative | Natural Caramel Extract | Organic Cocoa Extract | Sustainable and Organic Vanilla Extract | & MORE