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  • Wellesley,  MA
  • United States

Company Description

Suzhou-Chem is a well-established supplier of vitamins and alternative, low calorie, high intensity sweeteners. As a certified minority, woman owned US corporation located outside of historical Boston, MA, we have successfully serviced the food, beverage, confection, and nutraceutical industries for over 20 years, including several Fortune 500 companies. Our prompt customer service, attention to detail, and competitive prices make Suzhou-Chem your premier supplier for vitamins and sweeteners, especially on Ascorbic Acid and other Vitamin C derivatives.

Originating as the US office of a beverage sweetener manufacturer, which humbly became the independent US corporation Suzhou-Chem, its ingredient portfolio expanded from beverage sweeteners to include other food, beverage, confectionary, and nutraceutical vitamins, ingredients, and functional nutritional raw materials. Suzhou-Chem now offers pre-biotic fiber based sweeteners.

With our deep Chinese roots, along with an office in China, Suzhou-Chem is able to partner with well vetted Chinese manufacturing partners that meet the quality and documentation standards demanded of our US customers. Suzhou-Chem’s product management and documentation departments ensure that all required quality documentation is kept on file for our customers to promptly access, including ability in providing TraceGains cloud-based food safety and quality compliance.

With warehouses strategically located throughout the US and Canada (NJ, LA, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Dallas, and Toronto), Suzhou-Chem is capable of carrying the inventory your company needs to provide prompt delivery to all your manufacturing locations, ensuring you meet your customers’ deadlines. Some of Suzhou-Chem’s inventory includes Ascorbic Acid (crystal, 100 mesh, and DC grades), Calcium Ascorbate (regular and DC grade), Sodium Ascorbate, Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), Allulose, Biotin, Caffeine (crystal and 100 mesh), Erythritol, Saccharin (Calcium Saccharin, Sodium Saccharin, and various mesh sizes), Stevia (various grades), Sucralose, Vitamin B 12 (Cyanocobalamin, Methylcobalamin, and Hydroxocobalamin), Yeast Extracts, D-Xylose, and Xylitol (powder and DC grades), to name a few. However, Suzhou-Chem will stock additional ingredient raw materials in close proximity to where you need them.

We welcome you to inquire on receiving a competitive quotation from us, so Suzhou-Chem can demonstrate how we can reduce your organization’s ingredient raw material costs. Suzhou-Chem utilizes its low overhead to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to or customers. Additionally, if there is an ingredient raw material your organization is presently challenged with, or have difficulty finding, please allow Suzhou-Chem to do it for you.

We look forward to your inquiries and the opportunity to service you and your organization! ”

Brands: US importer and distributor of Vitamin C and Sweeteners partnering with selected/trusted manufacturers in China.