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  • Sunrise,  FL
  • United States

Company Description

VIVA 5: A Full-Service Innovation House
VIVA 5 is a full-service innovation house offering groundbreaking solutions in various VMHS, Beauty and RTD formulas and delivery forms. It’s our mission to anticipate and meet the changing needs of today’s consumer.
We offer full support in brand cultivation and growth, taking care of the licensing, product development, and the manufacturing of clinically-researched ingredients and unique delivery forms— from our fully customizable vegetarian gummies to our cutting edge, patented, ready-to-drink shaker bags—we help develop winning nutritional products, targeted to the growing market.
We bring a wealth of experience to the table. We offer significant support in sales, marketing, distribution, product development, formulation, manufacturing, label claim substantiation, and international regulatory guidance under a variety of conditions.
2020 Real Fruit-Based Gummy Launch
This year we will be launching revolutionary, 100% real fruit-based gummy supplements developed with proprietary fruit concentration technology that extracts moisture from the fruit to protect its integrity. The result is an innovative real fruit base with low water activity, a long shelf life, and high fruit content; no gelatin, added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or synthetic colors or flavors. And they’re made right here in the USA.
Quality Above All
VIVA 5 can create a wide array of distinctive, superior quality, condition-specific products tailored for our customers’ brands. Our capabilities allow for sustained, long-term success with leading brands across the globe and most major channels of distribution.

Ready to step up your game? Bring VIVA 5 innovation to your brands.