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  • Hood River,  OR
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THE WORLD'S FIRST NOP CERTIFIED ORGANIC VEGETABLE CAPSULES  As the world's first NOP certified organic vegetable capsules, we make all our pullulan capsules, regardless organic or not with NOP certified organic pullulan powder, in order to maintain our organic integrity. Comparing with conventional pullulan capsules, NOP certified organic Bright-Poly capsules are free of surfactants, made from NOP certified organic pullulan and manufactured using NOP allowed processing aids. 

GOH-VEG HPMC VEGETABLE CAPSULES Bright Goh-Veg HPMC vegetable capsules are made with 100% pine tree derived HPMC. Goh-Veg HPMC vegetable capsules are an economical choice for replacing gelatin capsules. Goh-Veg vegetable capsules are certified by the non GMO project and Kosher Halal.

BRIGHT-GAR CAPSULES are a true location delivery enteric coated capsule, which are HPMC based and coated with 1 of 3 different pH sensitive enteric coating polymer system: HPMC-AS, methacrylate or HPMCP. Bright-GARs are designed primarily for the purpose of delivering live microbes, enzymes, and acid sensitive ingredients such as bio-pharma cancer APIs to safely pass through stomach gastric acid and release contents quickly in upper intestine where pH changes from acidity to neutral.

FILL OUR CAPSULES WITH LIQUID The advantages of filling liquid into hard shell capsules are endless, but, the most remarkable one is the availability of certified organic hard shell capsules and well received HPMC vegetable capsules for filling organic oils. In comparison, vegetable soft gel capsules are still very expensive and prone to leakage as of recent, and there is no solution for making full organic capsules due to lack of vegetable based certified organic ingredients for softgels. 

cGMP SITES All production sites were designed and constructed according to applicable GMP guidelines and received regulatory certification according to GMP and ISO-9001. We believe quality is not a coincidence but the result of high standards and strict control.